O poveste in imagini

Fara cuvinte… . Uitati-va pana la capat.

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La finalul acestor imagini scria: Daca el este un erou ……… Ea este un inger!

Despre alinapetruta

Bun venit in lumea mea. Mi-am facut acest blog cu scopul de a scrie cum vad eu diverse lucruri, din punctul meu de vedere. O sa găsiți informații despre locurile vazute de mine, filme, etc. Insă totul va fi scris asa cum simt.
Acest articol a fost publicat în Photos și etichetat , . Pune un semn de carte cu legătura permanentă.

45 de răspunsuri la O poveste in imagini

  1. Madhu zice:

    Your story is profoundly moving. And so beautiful, so inspiring, so full of hope!


  2. RobynG zice:

    This is truly an amazing post and story. I would love to know more about this couple. I volunteer for the Travis Manion Foundation and they support injured veterans and their families. This story falls right in line with so many of those helped by the foundation. I would love to connect this couple with the foundation. To learn more please visit the Travis Manion Foundation at: http://www.travismanion.org, or leave a comment for me on my blog: http://www.robyngrahamphotography.com. Blessings, Robyn


  3. AinaBalagtas zice:

    Thank you very much for sharing such an inspiring post!


  4. bulldog zice:

    What a magnificent post.. a love story in pictures of a magnificent pair of people… I’m awe struck…


  5. I have not cried for a long time. Bravo. Amazing!


  6. cindy knoke zice:

    Love, hugs, hope and ADMIRATION for you both! Bravo!


  7. smoothingly zice:

    Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent journey of unconditional love. I am deeply touched.


  8. jensine zice:

    have no idea what your words say but the pictures tell a beautiful and touching story … thanks so much and I am so in awe and rejoyce about the power of love


  9. lindami73 zice:

    Reblogged this on lindami73 and commented:
    Viss sorts kärlek är starkare än någonsin 🙂


  10. This is such a beautiful post, love is spilling from every photo. What a journey you have been on together 🙂


  11. Reblogged this on Leya and commented:
    Love is all.


  12. smallpebbles zice:

    So humbled by this beautiful offering! And to witness through your pictures the power of unconditional Love. in peace…..


  13. adinparadise zice:

    „Love conquers all.” A wonderful and very moving gallery of photos. Blessings to you both. 🙂


  14. restlessjo zice:

    Fantastic! Proof that love can find a way. I admire your courage so much. Long may you love each other. 🙂


  15. Jo Wake zice:

    Lovely story


  16. Alin Fazakas zice:

    Reblogged this on DE LA INIMĂ LA INIMĂ.


  17. Alin Fazakas zice:



  18. RobynG zice:

    Wow! So inspiring, so beautiful, so incredible. There are no words that can express my gratitude to this young man for his service and the respect I have for this amazing young couple. The strength, endurance and perseverance are amazing! Blessings, Robyn


  19. viveka zice:

    Reblogged this on myguiltypleasures and commented:
    Just came across this fantastic post … without one word – and the most wonderful story .. about love.


  20. viveka zice:

    Just amazing …. pictures can say more than words.


  21. Alastair zice:

    This truly is a wonderful story. I hadn’t seen all of them


  22. Ajaytao2010 zice:

    Reblogged this on Ajaytao 2010 and commented:
    Please view all the pictures in this post it is the most enduring tale of ultimate love and compassion this is the most wonderful post ever posted by my child Alina please view all the pictures you may want to cry. I cried my self


  23. Ajaytao2010 zice:

    Oh this the most wonderful post ever
    thank you my beautiful child
    thank you very much
    god bless you my child

    love you dear love you so much dear
    you are so lovely and beautiful


  24. Impresionant ! Asta inseamna dragoste .


  25. Dragostea adevărată trece peste orice!.


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